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Common Signs Of Tree Problems

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about the health of your trees or shrubs much beyond their appearance. But just like human beings, these plants can get sick or die from a variety of problems. Some of these issues can be easy to spot, while others might go unnoticed until they’re so severe that it’s time to call in an expert.

A common sign of tree illness is a yellowing of the leaves on the trees. This is a sign that the plant has lost its ability to absorb sunlight and convert it into food energy for the leaves. This can occur because of environmental changes, soil deficiency, disease, and insect infestation.

Often, this is only a temporary situation that will pass and the tree will resume its normal growth. However, if the problem persists or the tree starts to wilt or fall over, it is likely an indicator of a serious issue.

Another possible sign of a serious issue is if the roots of the tree are rotting and bleeding. This can happen when a fungus infection enters the tree’s roots, which are vital for absorbing water and nutrients so the tree can thrive. The affected roots will begin to rot and may need to be removed.

Bark peeling and flaking is also a sign of a serious problem. Just like the skin on your body, a tree’s bark is the protective layer that protects the inside of the tree from harsh weather conditions. The deteriorating or flaking bark can be a clue that the tree isn’t receiving adequate nutrients from the environment or is suffering from an infectious disease, which will eventually kill the entire tree if left untreated.

A white haze covering the twigs of your tree could be a sign of scale insects, which are parasites that feed on the internal fluids of your plant. These bugs can appear as flat, small 1/16″ long flecks or larger bumps that are about the size of a ladybug.

If you notice dark or odd shaped spots on your tree’s leaves, it could be a sign of a fungal or bacterial disease that is causing the leaves to wilt and die. These areas can be black, yellow or green and can be spotted or sunken in, depending on what’s causing the infection.

It’s important to identify this problem as quickly as possible, and a professional arborist can help you assess the problem and determine the best course of action. This can include identifying the species of your tree and determining whether it’s in need of pruning or removal.

A leaning tree is a sign of structural damage to the trunk, according to Chris Meyer, an arborist in New York City. If a large tree leans more than 15 degrees, it’s usually due to wind or root damage and should be assessed as soon as possible.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Tree Services

If you have a tree that’s fallen and needs to be removed, or are looking to get some trimming done, getting an accurate price quote is key. 

The cost of Tree Services depends on a variety of factors, including the size and condition of the tree, where it’s located, and its accessibility. Some factors are relatively obvious and others are not as apparent, but they all play a role in determining how much you’ll pay to have the tree removed. While we can’t give you an exact quote without seeing your trees, here are some things that can affect the price.

Size of the Tree: Generally speaking, smaller trees are cheaper to trim than larger ones. This is because it takes less time and technical expertise to trim a small tree than an old, large one.

Type of Tree: Generally speaking, a hardy, thick-branched tree like a pine is less expensive to trim than a soft, gnarled tree with thin branches. Also, if you have an older, tall tree that has a lot of overgrowth or decaying limbs, the cost of trimming it will be higher than a healthy tree.

Location: Generally speaking, a tree that is near traffic and power lines is going to be more difficult to remove than one that’s in an open yard with no obstructions, such as fences, sheds or other buildings. This will make it more costly for a tree service to come out and handle the removal.

Species: A tree that’s more likely to be damaged by pests or fungi may cost more to remove than one that isn’t prone to those issues. These trees can be a little more complicated to work with and therefore, they’ll take longer and require more equipment to complete the removal.

Height: The taller the tree, the more difficult and dangerous it is to work with and the more expensive it will be. The height of a tall tree will have an impact on how many workers will be needed to complete the removal, as well as the type of equipment required. All of these things affect the price involved.

Tree Diameter: Generally speaking, the diameter of a tree trunk is proportional to its height. This isn’t necessarily a factor when it comes to how much it will cost to grind a stump, but it can be if you have an unusually wide tree that is more likely to break or fall.

Health of the Tree: Sometimes, it can be cheaper to remove a diseased or dead tree than a healthy one because it’s weaker and easier to work with. It’s best to get an arborist like us to come out and inspect the tree before you pay for its removal.

Then, they’ll give you a quote for their price. They’ll also tell you if they’ll provide any additional services, such as stump grinding or limb chipping.

If you’re looking for a tree removal quote, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to come by and give you a no-obligation quote!

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Top Reasons to Choose Us

Whether you’re a homeowner or commercial property owner, having professional tree services can make all the difference when it comes to the appearance of your property. They can help keep your trees healthy and beautiful, and they can also help to save you money. Here are some of the top reasons why you should hire us to help you with any of your needs:

We Use Modern Equipment

The equipment we use is much more sophisticated than what a homeowner might have at their disposal. This means the job gets done much more efficiently and effectively. This can make a huge difference in how quickly the job gets done and what it costs you.

We’ll Know Exactly What to Do

Having a professional tree service is important because we know what we’re doing when it comes to the safety of your home and your belongings. Our job is to ensure that the job is accomplished without damage to any of your property. We also guarantee a thorough cleanup after the job is complete so you don’t have to worry about any leftover debris lying around.

We Do This All Year Long

Another reason that you should consider hiring us, as opposed to our competitors is that we do this kind of work all year round. This gives us a level of expertise that allows us to take care of your yard in any conditions.

We Can Help During Emergencies

Despite what many homeowners believe, a professional tree service is not only a great investment in your home’s aesthetics and safety, but it can also be helpful to prevent emergencies when it comes to your property. We will be able to assess the condition of your trees and recommend a variety of tree services that can keep them in good shape, including fertilization, pruning, and more.

We can also provide a wide range of other tree services that you might not have realized you were in need of such as clearing, stump removal, and even some tree trimming.

These tasks can be very dangerous, so it’s best to leave them to a professional if you want to be sure that they’re going to be done safely and properly.

The team at Aurora Tree Pros are fully licensed and insured to perform all of these services on your residential or commercial property, so you can rest easy knowing that the experts are taking care of your trees. We are backed by a team of experienced arborists and will be able to help you with any questions or concerns that you might have about the process.

Prevent Diseases and Pests

When you have a tree service company like us on your side, you can be sure that we’re doing all we can to keep your trees in good health. That’s because we’re able to perform regular tree inspections and make recommendations to help your trees fight off diseases, insects, and other pests.

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Tree Removal

If you have unwanted trees on your property that need to be removed, or you have a tree that is at risk of falling, please give us a call. We’ll have it down for you in no time, and we offer affordable pricing.


Tree Trimming

It’s important to prune your trees so that they grow well. Pruning will help prevent diseases and insects. We know exactly what goes into pruning correctly.


Stump Removal

No one wants to see a stump left over in their yard. We offer several different stump removal techniques to ensure that your stump is not a safety hazard and does not attract unwanted pests.


Stump Grinding

If you have an unwanted stump that needs to be done away with, we offer a safe and chemical free method. Our stump grinding will take the stump and the roots up quickly.

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